Google Earth Pro

The pro version of Google Earth, features more details and several new and exciting map modes

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Google Earth Pro
Google Earth Pro 7.1

Google Earth Pro is an interactive 3D globe that allows for a deeper and more advanced look at our planet. It has the benefits of any physical globe that many people used growing up but allows for a more hands-on approach to developing an understanding of our planet. Google Earth Pro allows for you to zoom in on the Great Wall of China or the Pyramids of Giza, or even your own home! It shows you a birds-eye view onto the planet that we live on. Many cities are even 3D maps for an immersive exploration. Google Earth Pro is the future of global connectedness and understanding. It truly is an atlas for the modern age.

Google Earth Pro is entirely free but does ask you to register before using it. Once registered, it allows you to create your own detailed maps and save routines for later viewing. Leave an unlimited number of thumbtacks behind in your favorite locations. A great feature of this program is the sightseeing tour, which allows you to take a virtual tour through new locations. Unlike any map or atlas, Google Earth Pro allows for you to view the world as it really is, allowing for 3D street views as well as aerial shots. This program also allows for users to see the distance between different locations and even test out different types of transportation to get from one point to another.

Everything within Google Earth Pro is incredibly detailed for those who want to use the tool for more serious endeavors while simple enough that a child could move themselves around on the map.

Google Earth Pro is ideal for schools who are trying to educate their students. Instead of showing them static pictures and other peoples' videos, educators can allow for their students to wander the streets of new places and learn for themselves what the world looks like.


  • Great content for all ages
  • Explore the planet without leaving your home
  • Awesome 3D graphics
  • Download available for both Windows and Apple computers


  • Loading can be very slow depending on your internet connection

If you've ever wanted to travel the world and can't afford to board a plane every week, you can still experience the views and images of your favorite places with Google Earth Pro. With satellite images, high aerial photos and shots taken with cameras at the street level, Google Earth is like walking down the street of your favorite city in France or Greece or Germany without leaving your chair at home.

Satellite View

With the help of satellites that have taken pictures of the Earth from up high, you can explore many locations by typing in an address or a GPS coordinate. You can find a single house and investigate the position of the house in relation to others in the neighborhood. If you want to see national parks up close, you can find them on Google Earth Pro. It'll even include information about the location.

Aerial View

This view is as if you're flying in a plane over the location. More details show than with satellite view, and it lets you create maps, plan routes and measure the distance between locations. It's a great way to check on a neighborhood before you leave home. If you're unsure about an address, you can map it with Google Earth first.

Street View

The street view will give so much information. It is not real-time information, but you can zoom in and rotate your view to really study a location. This is convenient for so many reasons. If you are considering a move, you can narrow down your search using street view. You might find things that the realtor missed. There's a small icon of a man that can be dragged onto any location that allows street view. You can rotate your view 360 degrees too.

3D View

Google Earth has started to experiment with 3D buildings on its interface. When you're in Google Earth, you will see an icon that lets you know that there is a 3D version of the building available. It allows you to tour the interior and exterior of buildings more closely. There are so many amazing possibilities for this feature.

Google Earth Pro

With the pro version, you get the ability to fine tune your experience by adding markers and bookmarks for your favorite locations. You can discover the moon and Mars with Google Earth too. It has tools to help businesses in the planning and analysis phase of their business. Videos can be created to share with other members of a team, shareholders or investors for future projects.


  • The ability to investigate a new neighborhood before a move
  • Find out if someone has given you the correct address before heading on the road
  • Get perfect directions with landmarks for guidance
  • Truly interactive maps that are fun for pleasure and a boon to businesses


  • It can stress a computer that cannot handle high graphics
  • Needs a strong Internet connection to work properly

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